Why not take the pain out of camping with Glamping?
Imagine arriving at The Trip Out and finding a vintage style 5 meter canvas bell tent, set up with air beds, bedding, rugs, lanterns and fairy lights, a cooker, plates, cutlery and other vintage furnishings ready for you to use? No bringing your camping equipment, no setting up a tent, no clearing it away at the end! Just arrive and have everything already set up and costing less than a local Bed and Breakfast or hotel for the weekend AND staying on site, what could be better than that?

All you have to do is book your tickets with The Trip Out here and let us know you would like the glamping option. Email Magical Camping for more info.

Is there a restriction to size of tent?
No, but please don't bring huge tents for one or two people – be considerate with your camping arrangements.

Can we cook in the campsite?
Cooking will be permitted on gas stoves and disposable BBQs only, which must be raised off the ground and must not be left unattended. Please ensure that they are extinguished correctly and safely. Gas stoves and disposable BBQs must be used sensibly and with the manufacturer's instructions. Cooking on gas where installed in a campervan parked within the campsite is also permitted. Cooking by all other means including open fires, BBQs (other than disposable) and any other kind of gas appliance is not allowed. Cooking in tents is not recommended due to your own health and safety. NO CAMP FIRES!

We have hot running showers on site so bring some soap and a towel. Showers are limited so there may be queues; please consider using them during off-peak times.

We have plenty of toilets on site which are a mix of traditional portaloos on the campsites and flushing chemical toilets on the main show field.
All are cleaned, emptied and re-stocked every day.

Can we have a camp fire?
Camp fires are not permitted.

Disabled Visitors

Disabled visitors are welcome at The Trip Out and we have specially allocated camping and toilets.

Our staff and security team will be on hand to assist with any issues that may arise during the weekend. There may be sections which are difficult to negotiate, meaning that sometimes movement across the site is not that easy especially in bad weather conditions. Please bear this in mind when booking for the event.

Welfare and lost property
For any welfare issues please contact Reception where we can provide you with information you require on aspects of The Trip Out.

For any lost persons/lost property please contact Reception or one of our on-site security team.

Medical assistance can be found at Reception or at the Souvenir shop.

Security staff do have mobile radios and first aid kits and are trained.

For any medical emergencies please go straight to A&E as marked on map on the program.

5 MPH on site please, this is roughly walking pace – this is for your own safety as well as children and animals on site. There are many notices around to remind you. No parking on marked 'roadways', exits and access points must be kept clear.

No driving after 8pm at night, no burn outs, no donuts, please remember to respect the owners, treat it like your own home please.

Please keep all children and animals under control, paying attention to the signs. Please remember to pick up after your animal. If you need a bag, please see Reception.

Noise curfew is 2am. Unauthorised sound systems are not permitted after this time, please respect the neighbours, they may want to get some sleep, even if you don't.

Stay out of restricted areas and observe signage.

No glass bottles, no fireworks and no Chinese lanterns please.
Help us keep this beautiful place clean and tidy, please use the bins and rubbish bags provided on arrival, reception will have more if required throughout the weekend.

In case of fire please note the fire points, fire extinguishers will be kept at main reception. In case of emergency please notify main reception and security.

Security are your friends, but can't be everywhere, if you see something suspicious or someone causing upset please tell security or main reception.

Crime Prevention Advice

The Trip Out and Euston Park will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles and personal possessions. Whilst we hope that none of our attendants would be low enough to damage and steal your possessions please be sensible only bring with you what you can afford to lose.

Lock all valuable possessions in a car glove box. Leave nothing on display to tempt sticky fingers. Do not leave valuable items in your tent.

Camp near friends - There's safety in numbers. Say "hello" to your camping neighbours to build a community feeling.

Mark your property - Label your belongings, including your tent, with your postcode. Before you come to the festival register your property such as mobile phones and cameras for free at www.immobilise.com and help the Police to return stolen items to their rightful owner.

Protect your mobile phone - On your mobile phone key in *#06# and your unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number will be displayed. Make a note of this number so that if you lose your phone or if it is stolen you can contact your service provider to have the phone immobilised. Whilst on site keep it in a buttoned/zipped pocket.

Keep cash and possessions on you - But don't keep all your money, bank cards and valuables together - spread them around in different pockets. Before going to sleep, place them in a plastic bag and hide it in your sleeping bag with you.

Crime reporting - If you are a victim of crime there will be security guards and festival staff on site to whom you can report the incident.


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